Coronavirus news

Coronavirus News

Welcome to Coronavirus news, on this website you will find the latest information from around the world.
We have been busy syndicating the latest information and research for your benefit from the best sources.
While in isolation please use this website to get the latest information from the frontline on the battle of this deadly virus.

COVID-19 Survival Kit

Survival Kit

As confirmed by the ABC News in Australia emergency agencies now recommend people to prepare a survival kit to survive and recover from a disaster. COVID-19 may get worse before it gets better.

We have prepared the best information from around the internet so you are ready in case of further trouble in the future. Our kit includes access recent study from Oxford University.

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Latest Apps for Corona

COVID-19 Apps

 Do you have an iOS or Android phone or tablet? If you do you are in luck as we have curated the best apps for following the Coronavirus Pandemic.
 No longer will you be in virtual isolation.

The best Apps for Android and iOS in case of an emergency all in one place. Stay fully alerted with the with recent information from Government bodies and other sources.

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COVID-19 reports

Coronavirus News

See the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) news including the current situation and case numbers. We are curating the latest news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe.

We are currently updating this page every day with the latest information and adding new source so you are kept informed of the latest information.

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videos coronavirus

Latest Videos

See the latest Coronavirus videos from around the globe. Stay informed by watching the latest information directly from this page. As the COVID-19 changes and develops its important to stay updated.

The latest videos in coronavirus research, good hygiene practices and more.
Visit this page daily.

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Covid World Map

Global Dashboard

Do you want to know which countries have the most cases?
Visit the world map page to see visually what is happening around the globe.

The COVID-19 virus is affecting more than 200 countries and territories and has caused more than 100,000 deaths so far.
Track the progress here and stay up to date.

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What is COVID-19 mean

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 is caused by a new virus which causes a respiratory illness. Fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath are all symptoms.

It is highly contagious and can spread very easily between person to person. Visit this page to use our symptoms checker.

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Latest Research on COVID-19

Are you interested in the latest research regarding COVID-19? 
The novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV is currently being studied by medical schools and laboratories around the globe.

New research is added to this page regularly. Find out more information about the latest research and publications on this page.

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Government Assistance

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Latest COVID-19 Socials

We have put together the best social media pages to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media is full of information and posts of which sometimes the sources are not checked or provide dishonest information.

For this reason we have put together a page of companies we trust.
Visit this page regularly to be kept updated.

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